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Label Terroir create a direct link between producers and consumers, and provide extras-fresh and seasonal products!

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1. I log in or register on Label Terroir:

2. I can order my local farms’ products online, on Label Terroir website using my own secured access. 

3. I choose a delivery point or pick-up, date and time to pickup my order.

4. I pay my order directly on the website by Credit card, Paypal.

5. I collect or receive my order on Thursdays.


Nouveau service de livraison à domicile disponible sur Label Terroir Luxembourg!!*
Suite aux récents événements et pour vous permettre de rester à la maison un maximum, Label Terroir vous propose désormais la livraison à domicile sur le Sud de Luxembourg! Commandez avant Lundi soir 20h pour être livré Jeudi à domicile ou sur un point de retrait au Luxembourg.

 *Livraison à domicile disponible à partir de 75€ de commande.

Pour toute question contactez-nous

 New delivery service available on Label Terroir Luxembourg!!*

 Considering the actual situation and to allow you to stay at home, Label Terroir may now deliver the South of Luxembourg! Order before Monday 8:00PM to be delivered on Thursday.

*Home delivery applicable for orders above 75€

 For any information contact us


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Select for you good and fresh quality products

All products offered by Label Terroir are selected by us from local producers practicing sustainable agriculture or Organic farming and offering quality products! This allows us to guarantee ultra-fresh and tasty products all year long!

Be a direct link with farmers

Essential point of our concept, we work in short circuit with the farmers that is to say that we buy them the products directly, on the farm. This, makes it possible to perpetuate our relationship with producers but also to pay them a fair price for their products!

Guarantee you perfect traceability

The supply chains of all our products are perfectly mastered to guarantee a traceability of our flawless products. Indeed, when you place an order with Label Terroir you know exactly where your products come from, the production method, the labels…

Offer you a quality service & save time

We deliver orders to your office to make your life easier and save you time! We also wish to offer you a high quality service and are therefore at your disposal for any information!

Farms & Farmers

Niessen – Boucherie Traiteur

Niessen – Boucherie Traiteur

Boucherie-Charcuterie A. Niessen-Huppertz was created in 1982 by Maria and Alfred Niessen-Huppertz.
Everything was renovated in 2005. In the beginning of 2006 all of the renovation were done, and the two sons Jean-Marie and Patrick took over the family business under the name boucherie-traiteur Niessen.
This company from Troisvierges were everything is prepared with local products for butcher shops and catering are now existing for more than 30 years.

Stuff Brauerei

Stuff Brauerei

We started our brewery in a difficult market, due to several very large breweries owning 95% of the bar licenses in Luxembourg.
Since we officially opened at the end of 2017, we have strived to not give up and have found success where we could.
We built our own brewery in Steinsel (Luxembourg) and created four beers that we sold only locally.

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95, rue de Bettembourg

L-5811 Fentange

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