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Fromagerie de Luxembourg

In 1981, Mr Feyder and Mr Marinelli, a cheese master with roots in Italy, started the Fromagerie de Luxembourg. In the beginning, 300 liters of milk were transformed into Mozzarella every day; today, they consume between 20,000 and 22,000 liters of milk on average per day.

The range of products has widened more and more, even if the recipe has remained the same and it is no secret: raw milk.

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Food Vitalité

Try it now as it is a high nutritional value granola for which I apply the principles of living food (low temperature cooking). It is delicately scented with cinnamon and vanilla and slightly sweetened with maple syrup. It is naturally gluten-free made with 100% organic ingredientsg.

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Ons Zopp – A la soupe

A la Soupe was created in 2009 on the idea of ​​putting forward a simple product, known worldwide and using the gastronomic experience of a chef with an exceptional career.
In every culture, every family, there is a soup…

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Nuddelfabrik, manufacturer of fresh artisanal pasta has been created to meet a demand from increasingly demanding customers on the quality, freshness and traceability of products.

Our pasta are made exclusively from carefully selected raw materials and high quality such as durum wheat flour only, local meat, fresh egg etc….

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For several generations, the Schmalen family has been employed in the agricultural sector. In 1984, René Schmalen and his wife Siely had the idea to transform their own milk by producing cheese.

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