Farm presentation

Thomas Vauthier is an organic farmer, producer of cereals for a cooperative, aromatic and medicinal plants for my infusions and herbs.

Here are the different stages of manufacture of its p’tisânes:

Harvesting : It is manualwith a scythe or secateur, it is carried out two to three times a year following the plant. I cut it off, leaving the third to push it back correctly.

Since this year I have a dryer on racks (45 racks of 2m x 1m). My plants are taken there just after harvest and are dried thanks to a fan and an air dehumidifier.

To obtain an irreproachable quality of a dry plant, it is important to respect 3 rules:

– Regular ventilation during drying,

– Ensure that the plant remains in complete darkness to keep its properties, 

– Dry the plant as quickly as possible so that it loses its properties as little as possible.

Grinding, sieving: I grind and sieves the plant between 0.4mm and 3.5mm is a cut infusette. For better quality the fine particles are removed.


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