Farm presentation

The fruit farm covers some 40 hectares in the heart of the Côtes de Meuse. The production activity (maintenance and harvesting) requires the annual employment of several hundred seasonal workers, especially during the summer period.

Mirabio has a specificity: in an extended territory from Montsec to the Eparges, the farm works with private individuals with orchards, buying back their production in order to develop it. This process encourages these small producers (who must remain independent) to maintain their orchard regularly. In addition to the economic challenge of enhancing their harvest, the maintenance of the orchards contributes to preserve the specific landscape of the Côtes de Meuse. This approach is therefore fully in the economic support of a unique terroir. In addition, the structure works to encourage small producers not to chemically treat their orchards, in order to support them in a certification process for organic farming.

Farm’s contact

34 rue de l’église
F-55210 Saint Maurice sous lès Côtes


+352 691 195 445

144, Zone Scheleck 1

L-3225 Luxembourg