Niessen – Boucherie Traiteur

Greater Region, Luxembourg, Organic

Producer’s presentation


Boucherie-Charcuterie A. Niessen-Huppertz was created in 1982 by Maria and Alfred Niessen-Huppertz.

Everything was renovated in 2005. In the beginning of 2006 all of the renovation were done, and the two sons Jean-Marie and Patrick took over the family business under the name boucherie-traiteur Niessen.

This company from Troisvierges were everything is prepared with local products for butcher shops and catering are now existing for more than 30 years.

Producer’s contact

NIESSEN – Boucherie Traiteur
103, Grand Rue 

Site web:

+352 691 195 445

144, Zone Scheleck 1

L-3225 Luxembourg