Producer’s presentation

Nuddelfabrik, manufacturer of fresh artisanal pasta has been created to meet a demand from increasingly demanding customers on the quality, freshness and traceability of products.

Our pasta are made exclusively from carefully selected raw materials and high quality such as durum wheat flour only, local meat, fresh egg etc. All without preservatives and additives to improve the visual appearance and taste.

A well-established set of specifications is respected to the letter, as much on the choice of raw materials, the manufacturing procedure, the packaging, as the logistics on the cold chain.

We chose a production of fresh pasta made in Luxembourg which allows us an effective distribution at the national level and large region.

As a result, the company has obtained the Made in Luxembourg label.

Producer’s contact

2 rue de la montagne
L-3856 Schifflange


+352 691 195 445

144, Zone Scheleck 1

L-3225 Luxembourg