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Label Terroir create a direct link between producers and consumers, and provide extras-fresh and seasonal products!

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Select for you good and fresh quality products

All products offered by Label Terroir are selected by us from local producers practicing sustainable agriculture or Organic farming and offering quality products! This allows us to guarantee ultra-fresh and tasty products all year long!

Be a direct link with farmers

Essential point of our concept, we work in short circuit with the farmers that is to say that we buy them the products directly, on the farm. This, makes it possible to perpetuate our relationship with producers but also to pay them a fair price for their products!

Guarantee you perfect traceability

The supply chains of all our products are perfectly mastered to guarantee a traceability of our flawless products. Indeed, when you place an order with Label Terroir you know exactly where your products come from, the production method, the labels…

Offer you a quality service & save time

We deliver orders to your office to make your life easier and save you time! We also wish to offer you a high quality service and are therefore at your disposal for any information!

How does it work?

1. I log in or register on Label Terroir:

2. I can order my local farms’ products online, on Label Terroir website using my own secured access. Order by Monday evening to ensure that your order will be delivered on Thursday.

3. I choose a delivery point, date and time to pickup my order.

4. I pay my order directly on the website by Credit card, Paypal or Lunch vouchers.

5. I collect my order on Thursdays.

Farms & Farmers

Ferme de la Gloriette

Ferme de la Gloriette

It is an old family farm (5th generation today) that Julien NAUT joined in 2010. Since late 2014, the SCEA GLORIETTE is managed by Julien NAUT and Aurélie NAUT (brother and sister).THey have been progressively seeking areas of diversification by expanding their business and growing additional varieties.They operate 145 hectares and currently devote 15 hectares to producing the grains and oilseeds needed for the diversification workshop. They use a stone mill and an oil press....
Aux jardins de Candyce

Aux jardins de Candyce

Aux Jardins de Candyce is located in Han-sur-Meuse. Sébastien BERTAUX bought the greenhouses and created the EARL AUX JARDINS DE CANDYCE in January 2014. The farm has 6 hectares of land including 2 hectares of greenhouses that will allow them to offer their customers flowers, vegetable replants, strawberries and seasonal vegetables...

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