Stuff Brauerei

Greater Region, Luxembourg

Producer’s presentation


We started our brewery in a difficult market, due to several very large breweries owning 95% of the bar licenses in Luxembourg. Since we officially opened
at the end of 2017, we have strived to not give up and have found success where we could. We built our own brewery in Steinsel (Luxembourg) and
created four beers that we sold only locally.

Since 2019, we decided to take our adventure further. While in search of a new location we now rent capacity from a Belgian brewery who can give
us the same quality that we brew. This is great news as it allows us to promote our brand through experimental brews involving local collaborations.

Producer’s contact

6, rue des Pommiers

Site web:

+352 691 195 445

144, Zone Scheleck 1

L-3225 Luxembourg